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14 peaks review

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

14 peaks : Nothing is Impossible

Ratings: 5 stars out of 5

Duration: 1 hr 38 mins

This is one of the good movies coming out of Nepal after the likes of the caravan.

When caravan was more into customs and lifestyle of people of mountains , this

one is more in sync with the human aspirations and perseverance. As the movie

title says Nothing is Impossible if we prepare and focus on the objective and persevere through the obstacles.

I like the narrative of the story where a special force British Gurkha , went on a feat which

is literally impossible for others but with a group of well trained mountaineering experts,

the Sherpas it was made possible.

The family aspect of the character is also so much into focus. The unwavering emotional, mental and financial support from his wife for the mission, his love for his mother makes

the movie more emotional.

The strong determination and the focus the main character had for the mission of his life to make his country proud is so commendable and should be an inspiration to many Nepalese all over the world .

Kudos to the cinematography and the direction by Torquil Jones , there's not a dull moment

in this documentary style picturesque movie where awesome sights and sounds of views from worlds 14 peaks will awe you.

I also was surprised by the writing and the story line . Kudos to Gabriel Clarke and Torquil Jones. As a Nepali,I was sincerely moved by how Kathmandu city looked in the movie, so beautiful and graceful :)

This movie should be a talking topic to all Nepali households, and we all should thank Mr. Nirmal Purja from Chitwan for making us proud. The sound bytes in the movie is

really authentic and kudos to the editing team as well.

The story brings Gurkhas and Sherpas to the limelight , the long overdue credit they should get for the services they offer risking their lives everyday .When going gets tough he said , quitting is not in my blood.

The story in my opinion has one more important message. You don't have to born with privileges to attain highest achievements in life. Nimsdai purja wasn't born in a rich family but with good guidance from his strict mom, support from his loving wife and his own hard work he has broken six mountaineering world records and climbed the 14 highest peaks in the fastest possible time. 6 months and 6 days . As he himself said,he is the Ussain Bolt of the 8000 meters :).

I was entertained, awed and also been emotional at times while i watched the movie. I don't want to get more into the story as it might spoil the fun for the future viewers of 14 peaks . But I strongly recommend all the people in the world to watch this movie . Its inspirational movie about the nature and man, his country and his dreams.Its not just about climbing mountains, but its about life and death. How the difference between life and death is just a matter of inches sometimes.

As a Nepali , this movie actually made me proud of where i belong. The country with worlds largest peaks and finally this movie had presented Nepal with some pride and honor and I salute The 14 peaks team for that with all my heart.

The story also says you have to try to do things that you know you can do and go all in . There were obstacles for Nimsdai but he was confident to put everything on line to complete his mission. Also,for a mission to be successful, the leader has to have what it takes and our main character had it in him.

Also kudos to Swapnil Sharma for creating a wonderful song "Himal ko Choro" for the credit

section at the end of the movie. The song is like the Tika we put on our relatives forehead

leaving for a different country sweet ending song for the movie with lots of patriotic vibe.

Must watch movie this year for all the viewers reading this review.

Yours sincerely,

Abhi Nepali.

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Dec 13, 2021

I like your expression of gratitude for the creators and participants in the documentary,Abhi🙏🏽So well written, exactly my feelings reflected here, the strive for accomplishing the climb of the highest peaks of our consciousness as humans, very allegorical documentary in fact🙏🏽❤

With love,


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