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GLOUHÀRCHE (Bulgarian for Dandelion)

Blow your wish, Blow your wish into my ear and let me be your wish come true, my dear glouhàrche! Your name is telling me You render person deaf When blown into his ear ...perhaps to make one truly hear... Blow your wish Blow your wish into my room, and let it be a fragrant temple of surrender, my beautiful glouhàrche! How tender is the dark of my lover's skin How satisfied the hands are, resting in each other...

Blow your wish Blow your wish into my life, and let it be the image printed in my heart, my beautiful glouhàrche! The image of your existence into mine, my beautiful glouhàrche! Where no source of you is found, ...yet I see you; Where no sound is uttered, ...yet I hear you - the sound created by the Universe. Blow your wish Blow your wish ...into the world and let existence breathe the feeling I am You, and you are Me, my beloved sweet glouhàrche! The hope you give is worth ...the deafness you create... So... blow your wish I am here

Almost deaf with love...

December 2 2021

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