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Bawaal : Movie review #Bollywood #Bawaal Director :Nitesh Tiwari Duration :2 hr 17 min

The movie was a delight to watch .

Varun dhawan shine as a middle class high school teacher Ajju who is a history teacher .

Ajju is an average guy with all his contemporary friends doing well in life than him . He is not doing so bad either riding bullett bike in the neigborhood , nice family recently married to a beautiful wife and a steady job as a teacher . But he is not satisfied so he has created a fake image of himself in the society to feel good about himself .

He has married a beautiful wife nisha who has epilepsy . He makes her socially unavailable as he thinks her sickness might tarnish his so called image in the society .

The movie then takes us to europe as a precursor to teach his students about world war ii and hitler . The movie made me emotional at times , Kudos to the superb acting from Varun Dhawan, Janhvi kapoor and the supporting cast .

The correlation between the world war 2 scenarios and their relationship has been a matter of controversy but it hit me at the right places . I respect the sensitivity of the issue but the gas chamber and the nazi camps scenes made me emotional .

I will say this movie is one of the best movies by Varun Dhawan and is a must watch . The story is simple , captivating and ending is equally satisying. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5 .

Yours sincerely ,

Abhi Nepali

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