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Ghamad shere review #swostima khadka #nischal basnet

Ratings : 4 stars

Duration : 2 hours 16 min

The movie name was really unconventional and funny . Truly speaking , I was expecting it to be some low rated nepali comedy movie with cheap comic scenes and forced sexual references .

I was watching it just for the names associated with it namely Nischal Basnet and Swostima Khadka. Especially Nischal Basnet , the director of loot movie as his movies were more in line with reality.

The movie was a total delight . It starts off slow to the build up but the actors have done a terrific job giving justice to a story that is so relevant right now in Nepal . With millions of nepalese going abroad for work , the story of ghamad shere has depicted how cruel and selfish the world actually is . Poor Husband working in precarious conditions making money for their loved ones back home and their loved ones busy in extra marital affairs with other guys in Nepal . Sad but true .

It also shows bad effects of alcoholism , dirty politicians and simply how moneyminded our society has become . The offscreen married couple Nischal and Swostima has awesome romatic chemistry on screen as well . The dialogues and scripts are so realistic and depicts the actual nepali society .

I like the ending as well and the slap on the wife's face by swostima was really satisfying . Overall , I enjoyed the movie . The satiristic story about the case with the river was a little too farfetched in my opinion . Other than that , ghamad shere really is an organic nepali movie with a relevant story line and good entertainment .

Yours sincerely,

Abhi Nepali

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