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Clubhouse Nepali community review:

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I have heard about this audio chat community but was holding off just because of laziness. Finally, I decided to

give it a try. I was not expecting much as I had some experience of Nepal Yahoo room chat. The app actually was

a delight. It basically lets you create a profile based on your phone number. Then it basically lets you join the rooms

according to the people and communities you follow .The room consists of three sections , speaker section, followed by

speaker section and then the others section. only speaker section are allowed to speak,

The first Nepali room I joined was Music Sansar and I was literally shocked and overjoyed to see so many Nepali

singing talents in one virtual room. They were having a singing competition and the prize amount for top three was

also pretty significant. I was in that room for almost 2 hours and the level of organization and discipline was top

notch. Big shout out to moderators of room Prayerna and Navneet for a wonderful job. Although everyone was awesome, the one voice I can't forget is Samikshya Dahal,. Totally flawless.

The next room I visited was ACS anyone can sing and that room was pretty fun and cool as well. I got to hear good singers like Sonam Lama and Bibek Tamang aka venomous and met some cool peeps like Srijan and pew-pew-pew. My musical adventures were further blessed by likes of Sledge aka Pratik Rana and Love Gurung-The quality of musical talent you don't expect on an audio voice chat app. Thanks to corona pandemic even established singers are joining in, which is awesome for musical audience like myself.

Let me add some few more names that impressed me . Apsara for her poetry recitation, Philip for his own composition, Cosmic for his inspiring perspectives, Naresh(FurkeLaure)

for his amazing and fun-filled hosting, Jisu for her love of music, MC Anish for free-styling, Binoy thapa, Manin ,Pratikshya Kunwar, Bhisan Rai, Luffy, Mellow, Nabin Linkha, Vijay, Sushant Bir Bahadur Basnet, Somaliyay, Sashang, Akush, Aseem, Not Bidhan, Sanam 12 String ,Diana, Sara&April for (room moderation), Prajju, Rani Shyav, Cancer, Simp ,Aarav for flute-play, Sanjay Maharjan, Yunesh, Nischal Biswo, Niwaan and Belko for their amazing singing. I also want to add Kremena for her sincere love of nepali people, language and culture. I know there are lots of others who deserve a mention but i really apologize as i haven't heard a lot.

One big suggestion is to follow people that you want to listen. There are rooms where you can increase followers which will open a lot of noise for you if you aren't careful.

Besides musical rooms, there are other rooms which may be interesting for various folks. One of the oldest nepali clubs is "Nepali Kurakani" with around twenty six thousand members. Creator of the club , Sabina Gurung also have the most followers i have seen so far in nepali community with around eighteen thousand followers. There's rooms for Nepali

share market, astrology, discussion rooms on social issues, just talking rooms, rooms based on locations especially Australia, Japan, adult rooms where you will be hearing moans and sounds i guess :), political rooms, game rooms like mafia villagers stuff. and couple dating rooms.

Other than musical rooms, I visited "Hello Nepal" hosted by Rajdip Chetri which was also pretty good . Although the speaker selection criteria was a little laughable .They think a profile picture of a person or a dog is more valid than a profile pic of a website:). How hard is to put a fake pic of a person from internet to your profile. I think they are missing out on lots of good speakers because of their fear of trolls.Same thing goes to a room telling ghost stories.I won't be saying that I saw a ghost with my real name and my real profile pic. They want you to share your private, sensitive and confidential information without giving us some privacy.Genuine people can be figured out by the followers and people they follow as well. Just my opinion. Nevertheless, i enjoyed both rooms and the discussions.

I didn't visit any game rooms , political rooms and adult rooms or dating and slip into private rooms as the music was my top priority . One adult room tricked me as the room title was "kehi mitho baat gara" a song by sworsamrat Narayan Gopal. I went in and quickly left since there were people moaning in mic taking turns as if they were having orgasms. .Haha:)

Popularity wise , I saw lots of people joining rooms with singing competitions. I think I saw around two hundred users joining music sansar . People like politics as well, they had hundreds of listeners as well. Let's increase followers was also pretty popular since social platform is always about increasing your clout. They had around three hundred users.

I think sex is also popular since i saw over five hundred users in a Monster room which basically advertise having a virtual orgasm. No idea about it since i never visited.

The money was really the winner here one more time since a room about Nepali share market has the most viewers almost two thousand at one point.

Its getting a bit longer.

Overall,, I highly recommend clubhouse to all the Nepali chatters.

Yours Sincerely,

Abhi Nepali

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