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Virtual love- A poetic story

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I remember I met you at a Nepali chatroom years ago,

But the memory still lingers ,

My virtual love

I remember Your attitude and boldness were my favorite

You look so cute in your simple, unique nickname

My virtual love

I remember I used to join your online battle of words ,

Curse everyone and be a bad boy for you

My virtual love .

I remember Our online bond was so strong,

I used to think about you day and night

My virtual love .

I still remember the pictures we exchanged ,

And we finally got each other phone numbers,

That was the best day of my life ,

My virtual love.

I remember I used to call you for hours at night ,

And never knew when the night went by so quick,

My virtual love .

I remember how You used to talk about our future so seriously

You used to talk like an old lady and you were just 18 ,

My virtual love .

I still remember our first kiss through the phone

So pure and innocent ,

My virtual love

I remember how you acted like my wife inquiring about my whereabouts ,

I loved how you get mad at me for going out with my friends,

My virtual love .

Finally , I remember the twist when you decided that you want to come to my place and get married .

And i chickened out and i am truly sorry

My virtual love .

That was the end of our virtual love story ,

But i can't still remember the last drunk call that truly ended it . Sorry for that .

My virtual love .

Yours sincerely

Abhi Nepali

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