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Sensual seduction

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Clock struck twelve

She came towards me in a revealing night gown with the scented

candles glowing

I heard far somewhere in the distance...pack of hungry wolves howling

Pleasant erotic fragrance and the dim lighting ,

The atmosphere was perfectly set for her sensual seduction.

Clock struck one am

She was showing me her big voluptuous breast and a small waist

She was Showing me her bare-naked round buttocks with a little twist

Her juicy red lips in that perfect lunar face,

Oh my my....I was mesmerized by her sensual seduction .

Clock struck two am

Her bare white skin glistened in the moonlight

Her big beautiful brown eyes were such a delight

Our lips met and oh i felt the waves,

The sensual waves of her sensual seduction .

Clock struck three am

More i devoured those juicy lips, juicier they become

She was a waterfall and i was the thirsty gnome

Drinking the juices and feeling satisfied,

Yes i was overwhelmed by her sensual seduction.

Clock struck four am

Her eyes sparkled as she shook me to my core,

Was she the devil in disguise i was waiting for.

I Couldn't move a muscle without her permission,

Most definitely, i was arrested by the imaginary cuffs of her sensual seduction.

Clock struck five am

We made love like there was no tomorrow

My knees were blistered but there was no pain nor sorrow

Me and her in this heavenly sexual paradise,

My mind was totally numbed by her sensual seduction.

Clock struck six am

All the role plays and all the costumes we try

The pleasures were so intense i was about to cry

Suddenly, suddenly... she had a knife and she stabbed me right through my heart,

I just had lost my precious life to her fatal sensual seduction.

Clock struck seven am

My blood was everywhere and the devil was satisfied

My eyes wide open in shock and my soul was terrified

She was laughing out loud in a pure hysteria,

Romance had turned swiftly into horror by her evil sensual seduction.

Clock struck eight am

Out of nowhere , I heard a big loud commotion

It woke me up from my dream with this strange weird narration .

So much pleasure and so much pain ,

Such a nice eerie dream about her sensual seduction.

So much pleasure and so much pain,

Such a nice eerie dream about her sensual seduction !!!

Yours sincerely ,

Abhi Nepali

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2 komentáře

Abhi Nepali
Abhi Nepali
11. 3. 2022

Thank you for your motivating comments , Kremena . Means a lot !!! Thanks .

To se mi líbí

11. 3. 2022

Beautiful, erotic,exotic, so earthy...raw feelings yet subtle mind no matter how revealing things are...very good balance of eventful and mysterious, good writing Abhi ❤🙏🏽

To se mi líbí
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