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I Want Nothing

I Want Nothiing...

I want nothing

I am just sitting by the river

feeling the gentle breeze,

hearing its whistles

I am just there,

doing Nothing

while listening to the quiet

in my heart.

Breathing in and out,

as simple as that...the warm sun leaving kisses

on my skin.

I want nothing.

Not even to know my body.

I cannot recognize it sometimes,

so why want to see it?

What to see anyway?

I am feeling the gentle

quick maneuver of a fooled bird

that almost brushed my cheek, confused perhaps...

I feel my roots connected to the Earth

while sitting by the river...

My roots connect me to the

center of the Earth

and back to myself.

I want nothing.

I feel everything.

I am here ,right now.

Come and join me if you want,

you are welcome,

although I want nothing.

I feel my heart's gentle walk

within my chest

Where are you going, my heart ?

or are you staying in ?

I want nothing...

Yet, I am somehow given


I am following the rushing

river giving water.

The movement doesn't even

make me thirsty.

I want nothing...

I am not that water and

yet I am.

The wind is picking up the buzzing

of the bees, creating sound waves.

My eyes are closed yet seeing

all that whooshing.

I want nothing

I am not that wind

I am not the bees

I am no one to be seen

or felt.

Yet I am.

I want nothing.

Yet I have everything.

I have you,

my love 💟🙏🏽


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Abhi Nepali
Abhi Nepali
Feb 24, 2022

Another wonderful creation straight from your heart , kremena . I like how you incorporate nature in your writings . i liked the conclusion "if you have love , you have everything!!!" .

Mar 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Abhi

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