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I Am Getting Married

I am getting married, I found you

You may not know yet but that's what I am going to do. In the autumn of my days I am a bride again -

whisper lightly stepping on this earth,

looking for a glance within

that opens the lotus blossom of the heart.

I carry you in my soul,

I know I do,

I didn't know before

that knowledge can be blissful,

that knowing can be music

that carries some remote perfume of language notes,

no one has heard or spoken,

deep into the soul.

That all is you -

-heart within the heart and soul within the soul.

I fly with you,

I know I do,

on the tiniest cloud, it is almost invisible-

-do not even try to stop it so you catch the moment,

Let it fly away and grace the vastness...

Let it fly away and bring more joy to all,

it is THAT potent, this tiny cloud of love.

Let it fly away

Let it fly away

Let it fly away...

October 12 2021

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2 comentarios

Abhi Nepali
Abhi Nepali
07 mar 2022

Wow , that's deep feelings kremena . Who is the lucky person ? ;) Love knows no boundaries or social norms . Its a sweet realization deep within a soul. Dont forget to invite me to the marriage ceremony . Chances are I won't show up 😂.

Me gusta
07 mar 2022
Contestando a

thanks Abhi, you always find a way to encourage me yes I will write hopefully

Me gusta
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