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Film review:

Updated: Dec 13, 2021


The movie was a easy going movie based on a Nepali society and can be easily relatable.

The storyline was a little slow to my liking but the ending was pretty satisfying . The

lead characters have a pretty good chemistry and give life to a storyline that is based on a

remote village where the wife goes abroad to carry the financial responsibilities of the house,

The male character played by Gaurav Pahari, Dayahang rai as his buddy and Menuka Pradhan

as Saili all do justification to their roles .The fun-filled first half where two couples fall in love

and then the second half where the wife leaves him to bear the financial responsibility sums

up the movie. Dayahang rai is again a step up rest of the characters but i think Menuka

Pradhan shine in her performance as Saili as well.

The best part of the movie in my opinion is the last scene where the disloyal husband

calls Saili who is leaving the village.

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