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Legends of Fei : Review

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The Chinese Kung-Fu series is a good memorable ride if you are into those kind of drama series. I have always watched the wuxia style drama in home tv during my childhood so I always have an unending appetite for those kind of drama. The love stories in these drama are so cute, innocent and heart touching . The plot revolves around a central character Zhou Fei, a fierce but beautiful sword wielder .She is born in 48 strong hold a refuse created after a chaotic war and revolt from the generals . Her grandpa created it and he was a legend in martial arts . His name was Li Zheng. Her mother is the leader of the stronghold after his death. The drama then follows her in her adventure beyond the stronghold after a handsome prince disguised as nobody enters the fort after crossing the river full of deathly traps . The character name is Xie Yun who is the romantic prospect for our heroine. She is the master of Poxue skills in swordsmanship and later gets some extra kung-Fu skills to turn into a unbeatable warrior. The drama main villain is a guy who wants to build a invincible army so he can oppress people and build an empire, His name is Shen tian Shu a martial art expert with a fierce metal hand. He kills a lot of innocent people for his evil desires. My favorite scene was The cute incident where Xie Yun crafts a little sword out of wood as a gift for Fei since he caused her dad to leave her and then she broke her sword in an ensuing fight. Talking about some romantic gesture.

Its fairly long series consisting of 51 episodes and each episode is about 45 minutes long. Its a adventure movie where they went to look for ocean sky which is a treasure left buried by previous empire containing various manuscripts and medical formulas for various poisons. The ending was pretty satisfying with the death of main villain in the hands of our beautiful warrior and then the couple living happily ever after. The series keeps you in your toes with lots of clues, new discoveries, new skills, new Kung-Fu masters and unfolding of various suspense. The supporting cast is awesome as well , her cousins, friends along the way and the villain gang members.

I enjoyed the series and will certainly recommend if you like Wuxia style Chinese drama. The audio is in Chinese so you have to read the English subtitles to understand though. Only bad part about the whole experience.

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