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Short story: Online love affair

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

{Disclaimer: This story is totally imaginary. If it depicts a real life story

of someone its a mere coincidence.}

It was the good old Nepal news chat days. The chatroom of Merchantile

was the trend in those days. I was just starting to take my baby steps to

the world of chatting. Probably I was 19 years old. I met a girl there.

She was 18 years old and yet she acted like she was around 30 years old

She was so bold , aggressive and soft and loving at the same time

There were various group of chatters namely from U.S.A, Australia , Europe

and Nepal. I belonged to the group USA. There were constant chat fights

and constant chat politics. The war of admins was like the game of thrones.

so epic. I loved every moment of it. While fighting with other groups me and

her became really close. The way to her heart was to act as a bad guy in her

silly little online fights . Soon without knowing we have turned into a virtual

couple. We exchanged digits and pictures . Soon we were planning our life

after our supposed marriage. The future looked promising. We were from two different

states so there was that distance barrier. She started to act like my virtual wife

trying to know my whereabouts and what not. The long romantic calls lasted all

night. We were totally in love.

But then she started to take things to different level. She wanted to come to my

place and get married. It shocked me. I was still a kid and I wasn't mature enough

to take any responsibility. I rejected her proposal and that was the end of our online

virtual love affair. Even though it didn't turn into a success, I will always cherish

those memories so pure and so innocent.

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