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Encounter with a Ghost !!!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

This incident happened about five years ago. I am not sure about time constraints. Let me tell

you a little educational background of mine since it is relevant to the story. I took physics, chemistry and biology in my higher education so I was a man who believed in science. I was totally skeptical about all the ghost stories,I have heard in my village. For instance, there used to be occasional shower of stones in our village home whose roof was made by stainless steel . Our Parents will call the local jhakri or pundit and he will do some mantras and then it will go away, Logically thinking, it might

be some of their friends throwing stones at nighttime and then stop after the purification ceremony is done.

Nevertheless, the fear was always there in my childhood since we always used to run like hell when we pass through local rivers around midnight.You weren't supposed to see red horse or white horse or your untimely death was all but certain. Good old childhood memories, i will write more about it in the upcoming days.

Basically, I was always little skeptical when it comes to paranormal experiences as I didn't have one yet. I was living with a roommate in a double bedroom apartment. My roommate was always complaining about how he couldn't sleep good in his room. I told him not to think too much during bedtime as I had gone through similar nights. My friend had to move to Texas so I was all by myself in a double bedroom apartment. I had few offers for a roommate but I have hard time getting along with strangers so i declined and decide to live alone. Bad move. I also decided to move to my friends room since it was a little bigger.

First weird thing happened on a Saturday night. I was buzzed up on a little party downtown and then went to bed without eating anything. It was about 2;30 am , I was staring at a monster face in the ceiling. It looked like Lakhey(demon). People from Kathmandu Nepal will know what I am talking about. I got shook so I got up quickly and turn on the lights. I went straight to kitchen and took a little cold bottle of water and drank it all. I tried to come up with a logical explanation. My conclusion was it was a dream that looked real. I factored the intoxication into the mix as well. I was satisfied and went back to sleep,

The week after this incident, it was again around 2 AM . I woke up because I felt real cold and turned around and I saw a figure of a person in white smoke looking at me . It was just a figure. I was terrified and went straight to turn on the lights. The craziest stuff happened . My whole room was filled with white smoke. I

thought it was another dream but just to be on safe side , I slept with lights on. Two days after that around midnight while I was sleeping, I felt chills behind my back. It was so cold that my back felt like it was a blockof ice. I turned around uncomfortably, this time I was more curious so I didn't turn on the lights right away.

There was this white smoky shadowy figure again like last time .But this time around, I could clearly see his scary face, That was it . I turned on the lights and again my room was totally filled with white smoke. That

was the end of it . I brought some night lights and I started sleeping with night lights on. After that I didn't have any more of that kind of experience. I talked to more people about it and strangely enough lots of them

have similar experiences. Some say I actually saw a nice spirit since it was white and if it was a dark smoke, it was supposed to be evil. They say its actually looking after me or something. I still lived in that apartment one more year and I finally moved. But for the remainder of my stay there, I lived with the night lights ON.

After those encounters , I am more of a believer in paranormal experiences and open to things that cannot be totally explained by science.

I hope you guys like this small ghostly encounter of mine.

yours sincerely,

Abhi Nepali

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