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The shadow of my thoughts is long and full of color....

it rolls away from me, sometimes as a cloud, sometimes a mermaid or a mountain...

And when the wind picks up,

it flies high to the flickering stars beyond the purple glow

then... it is formless as the light and only glows in silence.

And when the oceans swirl ,

it swims and dives with fish and dolphins

then... it is a mermaid enchanted by the flute,

coming back ashore to look for her beloved.

And when the mountains call

my shadow is most mischievous! runs and runs down hills and valleys,

breathless like the breath of wind.

So go chase the shadow of my thoughts if you wish...

it is somewhere...maybe with the stars, the ocean or the mountain breeze ...

You will know because it's boundless just the way you are...

Come, let's go and chase together

the shadow of the thoughts we make...

I have to tell you...this is not a secret poem, the whole Universe has read it, I just wrote it down on paper....


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Abhi Nepali
Abhi Nepali
Jan 10, 2022

Really well-written poem kremena . The shadows of your thoughts indeed take me to the mountains , the clouds and the ocean with the mermaid enchanted with the flute :)

Jan 10, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for this beautiful compliment, Abhi 😊

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