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Chatting as a lifestyle:

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

This is relatable to all the Nepali chatters who have spent a major part of their life chatting. I have myself enjoyed a lot of chatting through various websites and channels. The overall satisfaction you get from virtual interactions differ from site to site. Some were really enjoyable where others were filled with abusers and arrogant moderators admins and owners .There are always a group of Nepali chatters who are dedicating a significant portion of their daily lives chatting endlessly in these rooms and channels., Just imagine a chatroom without those diligent chatters who spend hours and hours of their valuable time chatting , There will be none existing, I feel like the importance and the value of regular decent chatters has been neglected. . This chatroom is basically created to value those diligent chatters. The chatting lifestyle is enjoyable as well as addictive. So make sure the chatting don't interfere with the important tasks to your daily lives. This website is basically created to welcome all those chatters who enjoy chatting in general and don't want to get abused and have a bad experience. There will be bad apples everywhere but at least this website will try to discourage online hostility and harassments. This site don't accept donations so there will be no partiality and power politics. All chatters will be valued equally including us .

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