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Samikshya singing cover song:Edge band "nachaheko" 


Recommended nepali tiktokers:
1. Aayuu_69  followers :1.1 million
2.Anzu_bb  followers :7 million
3.Coolboyyyg  followers : 410K


Wooden Hut


The virtual heaven for all Nepali chatters

     How to chat:

    1. Click "Click to Chat"  red button at the top .

    2. Put any name on the Nick box.

    3. Click Start button.

    4. You are ready to chat.

why nepal-chat?

This is for the Nepalese people in Nepal and all over the world to come and get together in a relaxed environment to talk about anything and everything . We can chat about our dreams, goals , careers or just simply chat about recent events. We can talk about our real life stories, build a virtual friendship among fellow chatters and socialize . This website is basically created to give Nepalese people an alternative chat platform as  we realized there were few functioning chat room for Nepali people.


There is no option for DONATION in this chatroom. This is totally free project and consider it as your own while chatting . Thanks again for visiting . We hope you all have a wonderful online experience.

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Mission: Provide a clean, abuse free and truly free Nepali chatting environment

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1. Inception

2. Little Rascals(1994)

3. Gods must be crazy(1980)

4. Cast Away

5. Napolean Dynamite

Recommended Nepali Movies:

1. Kabbadi

2. Loot

3. Nai nabhannu la 5

4. Jhola

5. Pashupati prasad

Recommended English Movies:

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