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TELL ME, MY HEART poem two

Tell me, tell me my heart

Do you remember when love was born?

How does it live in a shape

of voice inside the soul?

Does it ever cry?

Tell me, tell me my heart What is the color of love?

Does it change every time you look?

Just like the 1000 shades of your thoughts -

sometimes light and sparkly,

sometimes dark and stormy,

or in between, like seafoam...

Tell me, tell me my heart

Is love a warm and long embrace?

Remember? When you close your eyes...

….the thousand rhythms in your chest?

….the song the poets have created?

Tell me, tell me my heart Do you see these eyes are

full of longing for the light?

These eyes that speak surrender

to the music of your voice?

Tell me, tell me my heart Do you know these souls

that speak no words,

yet know the meaning

like long time secret lovers?

Tell me, tell me my heart What do you hear

When the ocean of your dreams

is sending crushing waves to kiss

the rocks good morning?

Do you feel the healing calm

arising with the falling of the waves

always present

for the fluid movement


the solid grasping?

O, changing Glory, the sun is up again!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

October 8, 2021

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Abhi Nepali
Abhi Nepali
Jan 27, 2022

Very deep , profound and abstract poem kremena . Love is indeed a wonderful experience like a long warm embrace :) Love it :)

Jan 27, 2022
Replying to

Glad this hit a cord, Abhi 😊

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